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Can chickens have banana peels

Yet another silly question...are banana peels o.k. to give the chickens?  I guess a better question may be is there any table scrap type food that chickens can NOT have? Thanks smile



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Re: Can chickens have banana peels

I've read that chickens won't eat orange peels or watermelon rinds, etc.  because they are too tough to chew.   I know for a fact that chickens like bananas but I would think the peels would be in the same category as orange peels and rinds.   I haven't seen anything that says banana peels are toxic or anything like that, you could toss them some and see what they do with them.   If they won't eat them, they'll probably play with them.  big_smile



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Re: Can chickens have banana peels

If you have a compost pile, toss them in that or at the base of your rose bushes, if you have those.  When my mother had roses, she always put the peels around the base of the rose bush.

Right offhand, the table scraps to NOT feed chickens are:
1) raw potato peels...however, solanine is present in the whole potato and the vines
2) raw green tomatoes (see reason #1)
2) avocado
3) chocolate
4) salty food
5) anything spoiled or moldy

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Re: Can chickens have banana peels

we used to put peels around our roses but our girls destroyed a rose bush by going after a peel



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Re: Can chickens have banana peels

Seems to me that the poisons sprayed on banana peels would preclude your wanting to feed them to the girls.  Are they organic? hmm



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