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Why do my dogs eat chicken poop?

It may sound gross but our chickens will sit by our back door when we let them out of their coop and do their business on the patio. As soon as we let our dogs out they're trying to eat the chicken poo!

Does anyone know why they're eating it? Does it taste good to them? TIA!



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Re: Why do my dogs eat chicken poop?

Mine do it too.  It may even be that they derive some nutritional benefit from coprophagy.  For instance, rabbits ingest their own soft pellets to obtain the B vitamins, so dogs aren't the only ones that eat poop. 

Another possibility, eating the chicken poop may be instinctive, as a way to mask their own smell--a good thing from a predator's standpoint.  One thing is for sure, dogs do not have as many taste buds as people do, so the taste of poop can't be as offensive to them.

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Re: Why do my dogs eat chicken poop?


My invisible chicken thinks you have serious problems....



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Re: Why do my dogs eat chicken poop?

hey guys... this is just plain ol haha

I saw a Mythbusters about germs.... they cultered a whole bunch of places including their dogs tongue...  and the dogs tongue was cleaner

ofl ofl  ofl  ofl

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Re: Why do my dogs eat chicken poop?

Yep, my dog does it too. We don't know why so we decided he does it just cause he's nasty. But we love him anyway.

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Re: Why do my dogs eat chicken poop?

LOL  Show me a dog that DOESN'T eat chicken poop!! Or any poo, for that matter!!!

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Re: Why do my dogs eat chicken poop?

The best reason I ever heard for that is......they`re trying to get the taste of their butt out of their mouth,LOL

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Re: Why do my dogs eat chicken poop?

IDK why dogs do it.  That is why I'm a cat person.

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Re: Why do my dogs eat chicken poop?

they eat chicken poop because they arent getting sufficient nutrients

hope it helps smile



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Re: Why do my dogs eat chicken poop?

I asked my dog why he eats chicken poopoo and you know what he said?...

He said that we give all the good leftovers to the chickens and that eating their poopoo is the only way to get a share. 

Also, he said that he hoped it would stop us from making him give us kisses since his normal bad breath didn't seem to be doing the trick!   lol lol

So now I offer him a bite of what I'm throwing out to the birds, and have definitely stopped asking for anymore kisses !
ofl ofl ofl


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