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The Esther and Winnie Archive
Documenting an Easter Egger Chicken and Golden Laced Wyandotte
From chick,
Through introduction with an established flock
Concluding as Adult Egg laying Hens
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Page ThirtyTwo
Esther and Winnie Fluff to Feathers
The Archive

Golden Laced Wyandotte and Easter Egg Chicken as they grow from chick to Hen
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09/27/2007 3:18 pm
I read this thread too...
I think it will change when Winnie matures...
09/27/2007 3:42 pm
I read it at work, and then get the play-by-play when I get home. It really has gotten a lot better, but there are still occasional skirmishes in the coop. Our kids' sibling rivalry is nothing compared to these silly chickens.
#313 09/27/2007 5:21 pm
thndrdancr wrote:
I think to begin with, I will separate Fussy and Red, and put the younguns in with Fussy, since she is such a needy thing, I think she would accept them sooner than Red would

It sounds good but you might find that Fussy is "needy of you" and less interested, at this point, in other chickens.

If Fussy thinks of herself as more of a human then Red does, it might be the other way around and Red might be the one that's more accepting.

Time will tell and I'll be watching

As for my chickens, I have several theorys about things that went wrong, but I can't prove any of them.

*Too few new ones.

*Not free rangeing.

*Introduction was too early and set a bad pattern in motion.
(This was partly because Winne did not mature or grow as fast as the older ones, due to her breed- Bears repeating)

*Different color pattern, although Winne is more black then anything, but the redish-goldish colors on the two new ones are definatly different.

I will get some new Photo's by the end of the week... really.

Nice to see people are still interested in this thread, I thought I was down to an audiance of one.

09/27/2007 5:31 pm
I think your biggest problem or more like challenge is the not free ranging part. I've introduced one chicken to 17 chickens at the same time that were any range of colors in the flock and at only 3-6 weeks old at first physical contact. There was picking but I play tough love with them and picking is what happens as part of there initiation. I just watch for blood but the little ones get away pretty fast. They learn that it's up to them to get away and that there's no running to me for help as I don't "protect them" like a normal mother hen would. They get to free range all day and at night babies go back to their coop and the adults go back to their coop. The babies are perminantly moved to the big coop at 3 months old as a new batch takes over the baby coop or it is closed up for the season. Not free ranging them is more stressful since they have to be in close proximity and can't spread out over an acre or so.
09/27/2007 5:46 pm
Free rangeing them, I agree, would probably eliminate many of the other problems that I encounterd, that I have gleaned form your posts as well as others, but the fact is, I can't free range them, and thats where I belive the other factors come into play.

Although I can't know for sure, it seems like keeping them apart until they are older has worked for others in situations more like the one I have.

It all seems to hinge on the exact situatioin you have for your chickens as to what is nessicery when introduceing them; at least thats what I have come up with from reading others people talking about their experiences.

Last edited by barg (09/27/2007 5:47 pm)

09/27/2007 8:18 pm
too few?! too early?! oh no! lenore is a runt, and by herself for now. she is 10 weeks on sunday, and seems like the size or less of a 5 week old chick. i guess she will always be alone...
#317 09/27/2007 8:24 pm
I'm not sure that size is the most important thing, I think maturity and how agressive the breed is also factor in, thats why I keep hoping that Winnie will take control at some point, cause its in her breed to do so, at least that's what I've read.
I think that some bantums have a dominateing temperment and tend to be top chicken despite their size.
I dont know if there are bantum marans or not but Iv'e been thinking lenore might be one, I'm off to do research on that now

Last edited by barg (09/27/2007 8:25 pm)

09/27/2007 8:28 pm
Ok, they show a marans bantum on feathersite so, they do exist. maybe you already know that, but now I do too
09/27/2007 8:30 pm
I'm going to put this progression on my personal website, I wouldn't mine including your responces there, if you don't mind that I use your responces, email me and let me know, I won't use your words without permission.
09/27/2007 8:32 pm

i did not know that! thank you! i dont necessarily think shes a bantam, i just think since she was raised alone, she didnt eat with a flock, etc, shes very tiny. i honestly wouldnt mind keeping them seperated the rest of their lives... i accidently free ranged them together today. the big chickens started out on the other side of the yard, and then chased after poor forgotten lenore. i put the big chickens back immediately and let lenore have some free range time, she only gets to peck around in pine shavings

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