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The Esther and Winnie Archive
Documenting an Easter Egger Chicken and Golden Laced Wyandotte
From chick,
Through introduction with an established flock
Concluding as Adult Egg laying Hens
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Page Fifteen
Esther and Winnie Fluff to Feathers
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Golden Laced Wyandotte and Easter Egg Chicken as they grow from chick to Hen
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08/13/2007 9:26 am
I have taken the wall down again today.
I hope your right.
So far no ones dead yet.
We will see.
08/13/2007 7:14 pm
The wall came down around 8:30 A.M. thgis morning and now were about an hour away from the time the pullets decide to go in for the night.

The chicks have spent all day in the corner of the run.
Occasionally one or two of the pullets would go over for a little game of "scare the chicks";
Half the time the chicks would flap their wings sending the Pullets running away.

There were a few calm times when the pullets rested and the chicks felt at ease enough to do the same, of coarse they did this as far from the older ones as they could.

The was no intermingling, its pretty much two segregated groups within the same general area.

The chicks have never spent the night outside.
With the sun begining to set, comes the big question:


Your input is greatly appritated.

08/13/2007 7:22 pm
Go take a shower and go to bed. In the morning, quickly feed then grab your stuff and go shopping. For the whole day. Remember, they feel your anxiety which adds to the problem. It'll all work out in time.

I know, mean and cruel. But they're off to school now and have to learn on their own.


#144 08/13/2007 7:26 pm
Hmm, I am of mixed opinions. If your coop was DARK, I would say leave them in it. But since your girls have enuff light to terrorize the younguns, I think I would bring em in. (Remember I am a newbie chicken momma tho)

Last edited by thndrdancr (08/13/2007 7:26 pm)

08/13/2007 7:27 pm
ozark hen
Ok, now take a deep breath and just remember all that you have read!! chickens are much calmer at night. I have three tiny silkies...and I mean small...who are now 8 or 9 weeks old. They are in with the chickens ages...18 weeks, 2 years and one year. yes, there is some pecking but nothing they can't handle. How do we expect them to stand up for themselves if we keep pulling them out? I finally gave up and let them be and cringed. it is fine. I even have one little one who literally pushes his way amongst the main rooster and his hen and sleeps with them. I have even seen the big roo peck at him but he just bullies his way in by their feet and stays. Barg, you have got to cut the apron strings. It will all work out really it will.
We have a security light that is near the coop and it does not make the older ones more aggressive than if it were dark, at least, mine aren't.

Last edited by ozark hen (08/13/2007 7:29 pm)

08/13/2007 8:08 pm
My chicken house is lit at night by a rope light, it makes it like a dimly lit room.
They can see everything.
I have thought about removing the light or replaceing it but eveytime I change anything at all, they get all weirded out so I haven't.

The Pullets will go in on their own in about half an hour or so.
I should just toss the chicks in there?
They definatly arnt going in on their own.
Also, once they are inside, I lock them in, so they will be in very close quarters until colleen opens the door in the morning.

I had another question but I can't think of it now, i'll post it if I do.

Last edited by barg (08/13/2007 8:09 pm)

08/13/2007 8:21 pm
Great! Just be sure they are let out as early as possible, preferably about the time the sun comes up so the chicks have a place to go when the pullets wake up. :)
08/13/2007 8:34 pm
Ok, the pullets want to go to bed but they are ticked off about the chicks and are now , going into the coop and then coming out and pecking thr chicks.
Are they teeling them to get out or that they are supposed to come into the coop.
#149 08/13/2007 8:39 pm
Pullets gave up and went in.
Do you think they were telling them to get out, because they were disturbunbg their routine, or do you think they were upset because they wern't following the crowd in?

Last edited by barg (08/13/2007 8:40 pm)

08/13/2007 10:17 pm
Here they are snug in bed, and shaking in their boots.
I let the pullets get settled and, when I went out there, the chicks were already at the top of the coop ladder.
I waited, but they didnt go in, so eventully I gave them a push.
Esther got up on the roost but Winnie wasn't quite as on the ball and knocked Esther off.
After alot of pecking and flapping, Esther ended up outside the coop and Winnie ended up on the roost where Esther had been.
I took Esther in the house and checked her out , then took her back out and put her on the Roost VIA the upper Egg door.

Mrs.Nezbit is closer then she looks in the pic, and has thought about pecking at them; she actually did, during all the chaos when they first came in, as did some of the others.

I am hoping to have 6 live chickens in the morning, but to be perfectly honest, i'm not sure I will.

Last edited by barg (08/14/2007 1:37 am)

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